Funeral Pre-Planning

Funeral Pre-Planning is a smart idea. Often, the decisions about a funeral are made at a time when emotions are high and when loved ones are least likely to make thoughtful choices.

We offer funeral pre-planning, to help guide you and your loved one through tough decisions at a time when you can think clearly about what you want. Doing so will insure your family that your wishes have been met.

Often, these moments are not planned, and no one knows when the unthinkable will happen. Being prepared and planning is smart and in many ways, is part of the Jewish tradition.

With funeral pre-planning or pre-need planning, you choose everything in advance, including:

Prearranging your funeral and surrounding issues is important for three reasons.

  1. It guarantees that your final wishes are followed.
  2. It locks in today’s prices in a trust account, so you have no worries about rising costs.
  3. It relieves that burden from the loved ones you leave behind.

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